Post Western publication cover
Client: IDPURE éditions.

Cover illustration in collaboration with Raphaël Verona.
Post Western, published by Thierry Häusermann (IDPURE éditions, 2013).
Art direction and editing by Joël Vacheron and Raphael Verona.
Design and Type Setting by Raphael Verona.

Artists and Musicians, Writers and Designers, found images or historical documents, Joël Vacheron provided visual and conceptual references helping to shape the idea of “PostWestern.” Exploring various fates and forms of the vernacular, this issue provides an up-to-date insight into our contemporary visual regime.

Quipus (illustrated on the cover), also known as khipus or talking knots, were used in number of cultures, particularly in the region of Andean South America, to collect data and keep record.